Thursday, May 3, 2012

Stay tuned for the propane water heater

       I hope that today you guys won't mind the pictures are absolutely all over the place. I took some with my phone and I can only email them to myself 5 at one time so they got all messed up and all jumbled up. Sorry about that, but I  hope that everybody will take a close look  for some ideas on what's going in. Maybe when I finally get done with this project, I will go a little bit more into detail with all of the tools I used used and how some of the parts for put together. 

Here is the 3/4" PEX piping  with some of the fittings I'm using

Below are more PEX connectors and also the blue drain 
is for the reverse osmosis filter system 

Here is some of the finished PEX piping with the clamps

Here is a close-up shot of the front water heater with the flexible waterlines 

The big view of the water heater again

These are the 1/2" water lines going in and out of the heater 
You can see I've installed a in line water filter to the cold water on the right side

Here is the plastic waterline 3/8 inch size 

This is the part to make my do-it-yourself hose 

Here is my finished 25 foot new hose,
can easily be expanded to 50 or 100 ft

I insulated the underfloor PEX water lines 

The gray valve is the main PIA of this project ,
I really had to jam the metal cap on there it did not fit properly, 
Selling a plastic tab that would fit, well that is totally impossible 

The under floor drain pipe

Oops here is the trailer is taking a leak :-(
It is the excess water from the RO process 
While making reverse osmosis filtered water 
About 3 gallons go down the drain for every gallon of filtered water that is made 

This valve that goes on top of the expansion tank is also impossible to find 

The water filter system just temporarily attached to verify that it's working 

The RO storage tank, just temp hook up, about 1.5 gal maybe
have decided to install 2 tanks inside the cabinet

This is a little different part only 1/4" to make my do-it-yourself hose 

I found this alarm only $25 - great deal at Home Depot

This looks like something new , a great timer

I am think about this faucet as I do not like the cheap plastic faucet
that came with the RO system

I am also thinking to use this CSST for the gas / propane installation

Another easy connector I liked

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