Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Pimp Meisters new fans

       Well never let it be said that here at "OverTheTopCargoTrailer" we don't come up with some really crazy ideas. I had looked at some of the fantastic fans a long time ago and I concluded that they were very expensive at about $300 a pop. To top it off, adding insult to injury it requires that the old vent housing be completely ripped out and the new one installed a 3-4 hour job. That to me means a possible leak and I don't like possible water leaks. This week I ran into some flashing computer LED lights at Fry's electronics and that give me some more new and CRAZY ideas. So after I have installed the new Maxx Air vent  I then decided to take 4 x 120 mm computer fans with blue LED lights and install them directly into the vent cover. They run super super quiet at only 30 DB. One thing that I really hate is loud running fans, while watching TV. Each of the four fans is rated at about 79 CFM on high speed. So that is almost 316 CFM total same as fantastic fans, total project cost $70 maybe ? The fans are also 3 speed fans so they were  $13 each, for $6 you can get simple clear fans 1 speed without the LED lights, but not for us here at "OverTheTopCargoTrailer" only the best will do.

       Since the stupid people at Tap Plastics are closed all day Sunday I was really, really aggravated at them. I had the whole day for this easy project. I was looking for a quarter inch piece of white Lexanne that would be easy to drill the 4 x 4.75" holes for the fan. Since they were closed I was forced to go to Lowe's to purchase a 2 x 4 plastic panel for florescent lights cost only $10. This material was a big hugh PIA to work with.  It was way too thick to cut with a knife, and it was way too thin & brittle to drill a hole with the hole saw or router. Damn those people all to hell at Tab Plastics for being closed on Sunday. 

Here is the back side before I secured all the wires
I laid the plastic on top of the screen
and siliconed everything into place
it was dry in 3 hours

Some wires have been secured
testing fans

The view from the bottom 

A short day time video 
I will do short night time video latter tonight after dark
in day light you barely see the lights

Stay tuned more LED lights are coming


  1. Nice job on the fans. Can't wait to see the cool blue running at night...

  2. Good idea. We could use a quiet fan. Ours is NOISY.


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