Monday, May 7, 2012

The final solar connection just inches away

      Only one more last final connection to go. You see I finally had to breakdown and drill one hole into my roof Ouch - that really hurt !!! When I found this connector I felt confident I could get a pretty good seal. This is a special connector 3/4" inch nut for # 10 solar wires with MC 4 cables. It has a rubber washer with 4 holes on the inside that allows for the wires to be put through it and then it can be tightened to make it absolutely a watertight seal.  Now I'm just praying the solar panels produce some power :-) when the sun comes out.  Just checked and the panels are reading 113 volts DC at 11 am , so far so good.

I really should not tell you this secret, but since i'm such a nice guy here it is ..... The special nut.

My first and only hole in the roof OUCH !!!

I used a extra piece of solid copper wire to fill the last hole

Here is the inside view

For those of you who can't click the link above
here it is for you

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