Monday, May 7, 2012

Pigtails for the propane connection - DIY style

           As you may or may not recall I was informed by my friendly propane dealer that in order to operate this Bosch GHW 1600 instant hot water heater I will need two 5 gallon bottles of propane supplying gas at the same time. If I was only using one bottle then most likely the bottle will freeze over and will not operate the heater properly. In order for this to work I would need to purchase a set of pigtails allowing me to connect both bottles together. But, but, but these are not very easy to find. I asked my local propane dealer if he would make a set for me to my specs, but he very politely told me to go fly a kite, they only make them if they install the system themselves as it was too dangerous for a DIY guy who may blow himself up. You gotta keep all the gas turned off until all your connections are completed & you leak test the connections.

         I then asked him politely if he would sell me all the parts that I needed , because I had the tools to make the thing myself "AND" to my great surprise he was quite happy to sell me all the parts...."GO FIGURE" ??  I guess its just a matter of asking the right questions - so I can blow myself up.

        This is different from the normal RV set up as those would switch from one bottle to the other when empty, but here we need both bottles at the same time.

As you can see only one bottle & one regulator
not good enough for those long endless showers

We need to end up with 2 bottles for adequate gas supply @ 117,000 Btu
also 2 bottles should make about 600 gallons of hot water, 
or about a 6 hour long shower at 150 deg
for those of you in "FL" who can't sleep without
the answer to this question

First I cut the 3/8" soft copper a/c pipe
Thank god I got this 1 year ago or else I would need to
get a 2nd trailer loan from a bank to afford this today

Step 2 is bending the pipe
tool made in USA Please

Don't forget to ream / clean the pipe interior of sharp edges

Here is the flaring tool by Yellow Jacket
Made in the USA - Please
doing this by hand you will almost certainly
kink the pipe

For those without flaring tools this nipple can be bought
it just needs to be welded onto the bent pipe

Here is the tool in action a screw is turned to make the flair
simple as eating apple pie,
almost nothing can go wrong

If you did it right here is what it should look like

Or you can weld it together with this connector

Now the Gray 2 stage gas regulator can be attached 
& you have double the gas supply

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  1. Resting easier now Tom in FL :)May 7, 2012 at 3:14 PM

    Thanks for the info on the gallons per tank and cool tools for bending and flairing the gas line. Your trailer is coming along nicely.


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