Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Worlds most powerful solar cargo trailer is on line

         Here is the proof , 840 watts working hard to charge the small 400 amp hour batteries. In the First picture it's only about 9 o'clock AM in the morning and the panels are cranking out 16 Amps to charge the battery. The batteries are pretty full to start with as they are not being used right now. You can see the first charge was the bulk charge. During the bulk charging my electric meter was reading as high as 14.8 Volts. There are about a million setting that can be tweaked on this Outback 80 charge controller but those will have to wait for another day.

      I did have a little hassle crimping the MC4 connectors with the tools available to me "since i did not relish spending $975 for the special UL listed German Rennsteig tool crimping set. See the video below. As I had some other cables I was able to get it to work - just not the exact way it should.

Bulk charging by 9 am already

Absorbing charge around 11 am

Absorbing charge around 11:30 am

Float charging by noon time
the max peak charge into to the batteries was only 260 watts
and around 17.3 amps
So there is plenty left over for even the most cloudy days, 
Its a little bit overkill - but isn't that what OverTheTop is all about

Relaxing and watching the TV in the 88 deg heat,
as you can see the whole charging process took less then 3 hours
and only required about 500 watts to top the batteries off
on a good day the panels can produce about 3000+ watts

How to use the right tool and crimp MC4 connectors

If you wanna buy the tool click here !!

This video is even better - but no cute girl...SORRY


  1. Holy sunpower!!! 840 WATTS of solar?? On a cargo trailer??? Talk about over the top!!! I have 280 watts, and thats puh-lenty for me!! But hey, more power to ya---li8terally!

  2. Hi BlackSheep

    I was planning for a a/c unit, however the 10k unit on wheels I purchased with a single hose works like crap and is 100% worthless. The portable units with a intake and exhaust hoses are 2-3" wider and will not fit in the available cabinet space, so you are correct, currently I have more solar then needed ;-((. Maybe I can sell some along the roadside ? I saw someone make a window unit into to a portable exterior unit with 2 hoses - maybe I'll need to work on one of those ?

    I liked your CT's TV antenna , you should try to post some links to the stuff you are buying if possible ?

  3. fabulous....it's amazing to read 840WATTS of solar.......How this can be possible?.....stunning.....
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