Saturday, May 5, 2012

Two RO bottles inside the cabinet

       This will give me 4-5 gallons of ready made pure filtered reverse osmosis water, if I need more then I can always store some extra inside 1.5 liter plastic water bottles. It's set up so that when I connect to a water source with my 3/8" homemade plastic hose "like right now" it does everything by itself. The second rear hose bib also would fill the 80 gallon water tanks. I have 2 different systems set up and can use the water like ballast to balance the weight of the trailer front to back if needed.

       The 2 bigger cuts in the base are because the tanks have big blue plastic valve covers sticking out 1" to pressurize the tanks. It was too hard to cut them along the back wall which was my first choice. Oh well , don't tell anyone, it's hidden inside the closed cabinet.

       If you want to know exactly how much water it takes to make 1 gallon of fine RO water, the answer is about 6-7 gallons as some of the water goes down the drain, or in my case back into the larger storage tank while on the road. It takes about 80 minutes to make a gallon of RO water.

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  1. It would be possible to run the RO drain into the second water tank, and use that second tank for showering or washing only. If you happen to drink more water than used for washing, off the bat after filling both tanks, it might overflow the second tank, and would need to have an overflow tube for that case. So not to waste that water out in the desert.


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