Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Today's final solar charge , day one.

        Here you can see the first day results, the 400 amp hour Surrette batteries received 67 amp hours as they were mostly full :-)) . Always keep your batteries as full as possible. A total of .9 kilo watt hours was charged. The max volts used were .26k. The max volts produced from the panel were 120 DC. The max amps charged were 18.3 The max volts to the battery was 14.7 volts during bulk charging, the min volts was 12.1 volts during startup.

If you have anymore questions please read the outback 80 Manuel , it is a short 80 pages , that way you will learn more. <<< Click here  >>

Then click on the data sheet tab and read all the details

On a final note I would strongly recommend that if your panels 
are installed flat on top of an RV that you would wash then 
maybe once or even twice per month. 
It has been raining here a lot in the last month
and I can tell you even so, my panels were extremely FILTHY. 
If performance is critical & MOST RV panels are grossly undersized, 
I would even go as far as to say ridiculously puney  
and combined with poor wiring & poor batteries - most people get maybe 50% 
of the rated amount from their system,
if they are extremely lucky

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