Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Anderson Power Pole 12 volt cabinet outlet

        This 12 volt double outlet came out a little sloppy for my taste. It's really designed to be installed into a thin metal cabinet. It's also square and has strange edges so it's somewhat hard to install. This outlet can be used with any of the Anderson Power Pole connectors so you could make your own quick connect custom cable. It's not really needed but I guess because I bought it, I wanted to install it versus sending it back. I think the cost of this item was about $13. Maybe later if I get ambitious one day I will install it into a metal plate to clean it up a little bit.

I did not have 2 - 15. Amp fuses so for the time being I put one on a 10 amp fuse and the other on a 15 amp fuse.

In total now I have about 8 - 12 V outlets inside and outside the trailer.

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  1. Thanks -- I am thinking of refurbishing a vintage trailer. One of the must-haves would be Anderson Powerpole connections for 12v appliances such as the TV, DVD player, Ham Radio equipment, electric camping lanterns, LED reading lights, Wi-Fi routers, etc. directly to the battery. This avoids having to use an inverter to power transformers and "wall bugs". By following the defacto-standard polarity on the connectors, other people can bring over their 12v appliances. Konrad WA4OSH


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