Sunday, April 29, 2012

Water is finally coming

         It's been quite a while since the start of my project, but finally I have begun to make all of the water connections. So far I have set up the system so that the cold water now runs from my house hose. The 2 x 40 gallon interior water tanks are also ready to be connected and to be filled with water. The 12V - 3 GPM  water pump has now been installed and connected to the electric system. My final water connection coming soon will be the hot connection to the endless water heater. I have been switching between snap together PEX connectors and brass fittings which are clamped on with a special tool. If you like the compression ring - I would strongly recommend you get the one handed tool. After that is completed, I will try to connect the propane for the water heater. That should be lots of fun since I purchased the parts about a year ago and I hope I can find everything that I need to make the gas connection. 

Here is the underside of the faucet, it was a MAJOR - PIA 
to connect as in total there were 11 connections, would you believe it ? 
All connections were made reaching sideways 18" into a 4" 
space behind the shower fixture wall that allows
all the pipes etc.

Here is the faucet, I got this because of the almost 6ft long metal sprayer
the faucet is rated at 1.7 GPM - supper low flow

Here are some snap or push together connectors for PEX & copper

The connectors for the water pump

The underside with brass connectors & the end cap 
allowing me to test the system

The 2nd under the trailer shut off valve / hose bib

Close up of the brass connectors & metal band clamps

The connection to the front water tank

Here is the planned reverse osmoses water filter & and 2nd tank

Top of the tank and inspection cover

4 Cabinet door locks

Cabinet locks magnet used to open doors
in the right spot they stick to the wood

Interior view of the cabinet locks

2 locks yet to be installed

The 10 year smoke alarm 
it has a battery 4 x regular size

On my next trip I will also get this alarm for explosive gas


  1. wow you are doing a awesome job,, are you planing to live in it full time when finished.

  2. Hi Clay

    Do you think there will be enough room for me with Glen and all those others out there ?
    There is still a while before I get done, because I keep finding new stuff to install. Hope the new stuff does not run out :-) knock on wood I still have a job that pays a few pennies here and there, so more goodies are hopefully in my future. Its always hard to tell exactly what will come in the future.


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