Friday, April 20, 2012

A/C and DC upgrades to the trailer

I installed A grounding Bus bar to the rear of the trailer 

Below you can see in the wires running into the grounding Bus bar
This will allow me to connect the #6 wire to a ground rod. 

With the cover installed it becomes almost invisible 

I installed electric outlets under in the trailer so they are hidden from view. 

Here is the DC panel on the inside of the trailer 

The wiring from the backside of the panel 

Here is a little plug-in LED light 

It's quite bright and I'm will allow me to work on the electric system at night. 

Here is another view of the light 

On the top of the panel the wires are slowly getting connected

Here is the 360° fan connected to a second DC sub panel 

I found these little fold away cup holders and put some next to the bed

I also installed the same lights into all the cabinets

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  1. good work,, i'm loving your ct.


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