Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Low power interior LED lights and a new drill bit

          Here is the new bulb that I purchased at Lowe's. These lights look the same as 50 watt other bulbs, but are said to be rated as the 35 watt. The package says these are not dimmable, however I was able to get them to dim. I would guess from 30% to 100% , they did not dim below that level. I will report back in a few days how they look at night, which is the real test for me. 

          Fast forward: Well I checked them at night and they were great, but the 1 LED did not allow the other 3 regular bulbs on the same dimmer circuit to dim below 20% maybe. The good thing about the LED light was that it was instant on vs. the other bulbs were slightly delayed .5 to 1 sec maybe ? In conclusion I can tell you that 4 lights at 3.5 watts each ( 15 watts total ) will have you wearing sun glasses at night in bed, everything was way supper bright. The trailer could well get by on just 2 lights if needed. So that is a great drop vs 200 watts before - however the regular lights also work as a heater  when its cold 200 watts is also 600+ Btu heat value.

 The top picture is in the dimmed position

Bottom lights on full brightness
appears to be the other way around

Here is the package

The bulb close up, i'm not sure its a good investment as when
the other bulbs are dimmed, they are said to also use less power,
but then one also gets less light. Cost of each bulb is $30 vs $5....
But for trailer this may be a good deal with the need for a smaller solar system. 
Also when its hot, it will make less heat.
150 Btu vs 15 Btu heat output 

Here is new drill, mostly for drilling into metal cabinets.



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