Tuesday, April 24, 2012

12v outlet & water screen progress

      Well I can report back the $40 drill shown below works supper great and cut the hole smooth as silk. I had a little bit of a "bitch of a time" trying to find my heat gun to install the PEX ? But with 2 try's and a pot of boiling water I was able to jamb the fitting into the pipe, thank god !

12V outlet is installed on the rear
above the license plate light, it will be switched from
the interior so "NO freeloaders are welcome"

With boiling hot water and 2 try's I was able to jam 
the fitting into the 3/4" PEX pipe,
will also use metal band clamp to secure PEX

It was still about 80 outside so I knocked off early

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  1. Trailer is coming along nicely. Love all the pics.


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