Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Slowly working on the electrical system

        It's been a long month. First I had the flu and then came bronchitis. In the meantime I was still going to work every single day and it's the busy season. So besides being behind just about everywhere I'm slowly catching  up to do a little work on the trailer. Here are some pictures that I took a few days ago before I started on the wiring project. Below are some more of my favorite Anderson power pole connectors. 

Now I have all the colors white red green and black. 
So this allows me to do AC or DC wiring. 

Here is  number 12 and number 14 wiring 
which is already red and black for the DC wiring system. 
Remember red is always the positive power side. 

Here are two super cool outlets one is able to be plugged into a cigarette lighter,
 the second is a duplex outlet that allows you to plug other things into it. 
Both are a little expensive I think around $12 or $13 each. 

I ordered a new tool the blue one on the right-hand side. 
This allows me to crimp # 14 through # 6 AWG. 

Here are some fuses and circuit breakers. 
Also some non-corrode compound for the battery cables. 

More connectors and in-line fuses. 

Here is a simple fuse block. 

This fuse will be installed inside a panel and allows the fuses
 to be automatically reset when needed. 

The rear of the fuse panel and how it's wired. 

The complete tool layout selection. 

Stay tuned for what will be installed in the next few days.

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