Monday, April 23, 2012

A little new plumbing - almost stealth hose bib & exterior 12V plug

      Here we go with the exterior hose bib. This was not an easy project the rear has a double metal skin and is not easy to drill through. Three-quarter inch copper female allowed me to connect the brass male hose bib together. Then in the corner you can see the 3/4 Shark Bite. Event with some shims it was difficult to get the pipe as tight as I would liked to have had it. I had to use some extra pipe straps to tighten it up to where I was sorta happy. 

Here is the exterior view without the handle
I like it because its really small
im thinking to paint handle white to make it more invisible

View with the handle water on

View with the handle water off

I found an in line filter that I liked

Here is filter with top closed

Also found 2nd smaller filter & smaller screen

Finally I found a cool exterior 12V water tight outlet only $10

But I'm worn out from drilling the first hole through 
2 layers of metal and broke 1 drill bit in the process

Hopefully tomorrow I will have a little more time ?


  1. Just read your blog, I'll ask if those filter uses activated carbon or only the screen filter? Thanks.

  2. I have 2 metal water filters for the tanks.

    I also have a in house reverse osmoses system

  3. Nice choice of material. Brass does not rust, so it wouldn't give you dirty water down the spout, even if you don't maintain or clean it often.


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