Sunday, March 4, 2012

More progress with the Porta Potty

     Finally almost done, today I installed the 3" blower fan , listed at 135 cu ft per minute, the wall paper and the upper cabinet. Click the picture below to go see the blower link. However my blower is 12v at 2.9 amps as I got it 6 months ago.

I again used some of my favorite connectors from Anderson power pole 
to connect the power for the fan.
I also installed a 12v button as a on/off switch.

Below you can see how the blower is installed,
with a 3" flex pipe through the floor.
The fan is also plug and play.
A 5 amp in line fuse & fuse holder was also used.

As you are sitting on the Prota Potty all the good fumes 
are sucked to the exterior front door.
My revenge if someone disturbs me @ wrong moment.
This is the only low tech item on the trailer,
The toilet works great with peat moss or fresh sawdust,
I was looking for a way to keep dump fees down,
which I only see going up, up & away.

I can't decide on decor to hide Porta Potty ?

I can't decide on decor to hide Porta Potty ?

I can't decide on decor to hide Porta Potty ?

Maybe gray looks the best ?


  1. Go for a color of the week. That will hide it nicely :)

  2. At the rate that i'm working it will be 2020 before I hit the road

  3. Or you could get to a point of "good enough" and hit the road anyway, making more improvements along the way.

    I'm hoping to be on the road by the end of this year and don't even have a rig yet so I'd say you're still way ahead of me :)


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