Sunday, February 5, 2012

Update to the Air Dictate post of January 6 2012

      Being able to talk into the phone and having the text typed is fantastic. Right now I'm talking into my phone composing the text for this blog and I've attached the pictures. No computer is needed. No separate Internet connection is needed. you can never have more fun for only 99 cents.

        Here are some of the settings on the Apple iPhone 4s. The settings of the different keyboards will allow you to install different languages. Air dictate will then allow you to speak in a foreign language and it will type the information in that language. Once the language installed a little globe will appear on your keyboard you then just hold the globe down and a pop-up menu will appear with your different choices, select the language that you want to do your typing.

      The only drawback to blogging by phone is it does not give you the full range of texting and color and formatting choices. For those I can just come back to the computer later and make minor changes.

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