Friday, February 3, 2012

Just putzing around with finding GPS info on pictures

         Its been totally insane busy at work so I have not found any time to work on my little trailer.

          I am trying to figure out how the GPS photo tagging works with pictures. Once I hit the road I would like to add the GPS - photo tagging to all my pictures. This would allow the viewer to click on the photo and then go to a Google map and see the exact location with the picture was taken. I'm still having some problems figuring out exactly how this would works. Apparently there's a difference between entering the longitude and latitude numbers versus entering the degrees minutes and seconds the numbers seem to be somewhat different. I found two different websites that allow you to do this. The first one seems to be better than the second one. I have found that most cameras do not put the GPS location on the pictures. If your camera does put GPS locations on the picture and you shrink the picture that data is lost. 

        One thing I sort of like is that when I look at other peoples blogs they have some really great pictures but you have no way to tell where the hell the picture was taken. That just drives me crazy because I might want to drive over to the area and check it out. If you can get the longitude and latitude that would allow you to also explore street view and there might be more interesting things that you would find in that area. Also sometimes people are out in the middle of absolutely nowhere and have some fantastic pictures. So I would like to add the longitude and latitude to my pictures once I hit the road so that people can follow up with more details. Some people have told me that they would worry about stalkers finding them. But I really don't think that would be an issue as mostly I would post the pictures once I have left the area. 

Here Is a screenshot of what this looks like. 
I hope you guys are going to try it out and if somebody figures it out let me know!

       Another cool link that I found was street views, you can start with a zip code or even put in lat & long to get a street view picture, this only works in cities however, not out in the boonies. If I find more then I will come back and add those in. If you know some others please let me know ?

A reader "John" posted that this was also a good site:


  1. Google Earth will also give you street views when you zoom down to street level. Another one is

  2. John

    I was looking for a solution like, where you could click on my picture and get a down to earth view like itouchmap , or like you say Google Earth that works mostly in the city. I was looking for something , lets say your in the boonies - and a blog reader clicks on the picture "that then" tells the reader exactly where on earth that spot is, nobody in the blogging area is really doing that. Most people have good pictures, but you can't tell where they are from. The other problem with this is if you shrink the picture smaller - it strips out the GPS data.


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