Friday, February 17, 2012

4 new Tires for OverTheTop Tundra tow car

        I just had to keep up A view from the Road and his 6 new tires. Now I ordered mine on the internet, they got here in just under 24 hours once they left the wear house. Best of all I have no nightmare story to tell.

Only $161 each - Yahoo !!!

They were made in 2011 and were supper fresh.
After hearing Don's story I was scared they would be from 2007
as they were so cheap.

I almost feel like I stole them, because last year a tire store quoted me $999 plus, plus !! 

I went to my friends at D & J Tire center
in San Jose Ca 95128

They did the job, IN & OUT in under 30 minutes.
Now OverTheTop  Tundra rides smooth as silk.

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