Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pakwan restaurant one of my favorite places

         Here is one of my favorite places, I picked it to test the link for google earth - if you have google earth installed on your computer it will take you there to the exact spot. If not it gives you the option to install google earth and then will take you there, try it out. lots of people take pictures and one never knows where they are from, so here is your chance to test this with me.

Google earth - will take you to the picture

Great meal consists of Goat stew, Goat Biryani, Beef kebabs & 2 Nan 

Link to Pakwans web site

Google earth - will take you to the picture

Google earth - will take you to the picture

Here is sorta what you get - a look around

You can zoom in and get 365 deg views also


  1. Ah goat... one of my favorite meats and so hard to find around here!

    Shame more people aren't familiar with it.

    And thanks also for the reminder about Google earth. I haven't installed it on this computer yet.

  2. The Google earth and seams to have all kinds of options, I will have to test some more.


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