Sunday, April 10, 2011

Insulation is about 80% done

         Its talking me a little longer then hoped, but today I had some little helpers for under the trailer. We installed 1" pink Home Depot foam board. Cost was about $15 x 4 sheets. Also throw in $10 for some special Schleuter attachment washers. That part of the job only took 2 people about 3-4 hours. I now know why people love those cheap & light weight alum trailers. Its because the metal screws go in like hot butter. When your putting a screw into a steel cargo rib, you need to push like an 800 lbs gorilla to get that sucker in. Given the choice on saving a little gas & getting blown away in 60 mph wind, put me in the camp of the good quality steel ribbed cargo trailer.

Its gotta be good if it oozes out everywhere 

This foam in the roof ribs dropper their temperature about 30 deg, a side benefit may 
also be that the roof no loner rattles in the wind.

The special washers under the trailer holding the 1" foam board.

My number #1 helper today 

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  1. how do you protect the insulation from road debris and the elements?


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