Friday, April 8, 2011

Insulation moving right along

      Today I finished the front wall and started on the side walls. I screwed up a little and got the plywood out of alignment- meaning I had to make all new holes into the metal ribs. BIG - pain in the butt when I figured that out. WOW does it take a lot of power to drill into the metal ribs. Also if you over tighten, then you strip out the screw, not as easy as it looks.

Here is the look for the open ribs with the plywood off.

The metal ribs & exterior screws

The rear trailer lights & wiring

The finished 1" foam panels installed between the ribs

Securely tape everything to stop air leaks !!!

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  1. Jerry, I just came over from Glenn's blog. I figure I'll start from the beginning. Pretty interesting project.


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