Saturday, April 23, 2011

Finally some progress on the shower

         This whole week was pretty busy and I did not find any time to work on my favorite project. Finally today and tomorrow I will work on the shower enclosure installing the Kerdi Board from Schluter. Its a light weight professional foam board "from Germany"  used for setting tiles in mortar. Expensive as hell at $4 per sq. ft is all that I can say, don't know if a regular homeowner would use this stuff as it is 6 times as expensive 1/2" concrete board. But it is very easy to work with & for my trailer application its 100 lbs. lighter, so you gotta pay what you gotta pay. As you can see I decided to install the faucet inside an enclosure that will also be covered with the Kerdi Board when its all done. The whole assembly can also be used as a steam shower, if one would desire that.

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