Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pictures from AZ - RV show

     Here are some of my fav night time pictures of the trailer , they would be nicer with a better camera & some stars in the back ground. I'm parked next to a friend with Patio Lights and a light tree.

This is my special shaking effect

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  1. That looks fun! Even with mere photos, I can feel the enjoyment of the event. The lights on your trailer in particular is fantastic. Thanks for sharing it!

    Austin Hawkins

  2. It seems that you don't need some stars to illuminate the background, since the lightings attached to the vehicle is enough to enhance the RV’s beauty. I’m sure many are impressed with it in the event. Do you still go to RV shows? I would love to see more your RV adventures in the future. Cheers!

    Liza Pilon @ Prairie City RV


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