Sunday, July 3, 2011

Newly added slide show & picture gallery

        WOW....adding that stuff, that took a little work for a almost newbie blogger, maybe when the project is all done I will be able to add some U Tube video with a little music so you can see the thing in full scale. If I can figure all that out ? That will be a couple of more months in the future, so stay tuned, LOTS of good stuff is still coming. Thanks for checking out the pictures.


  1. I had a feeling you were somewhat new to graphics, as your header is way too large for the page width. Try this... go to and you can upload your pictures to them and do all kinds of things besides resize, and then download them back to your computer as new file... all for free. That way, you can match the picture size to its place on the pages. Pictures that are too large in file size take longer to load, and obliterate other page components. And just dragging the corners to reduce the visual size does not reduce the file size. Other than that, your site looks great!

  2. John

    Your hired as the OverTheTopCargoTrailer "IT" guy. Actually the picture was much bigger as I liked the wider view. I have a free program called thumbnails that I can use. I sorta like people to see the bigger picture. When I run out of space, then I will look for plan "B". or just pay for more space.


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