Sunday, July 31, 2011

Installed Swan Security System

       The system is halfway installed and is up and running already. Total install time about 6 hours, since I did not know what I was doing - this was my first system. Now I will also get one for the house.
I learned some interesting stuff about cameras, the more you pay the better the picture that you get, also the more Infrared LED's you have - the further the night time distance the camera goes. A good $200 camera with 30 LED's will go up to 130 ft at night. Most cheap cameras don't give you anything worthwhile at night time, so what is the use? I would guess the thieves work 24/7 , not only during the day time hours. Cost of this basic system was approx. $350.

I chose a swan system as it has lots of different kinds and qualities of cameras to choose from, the more Infrared LED's that you have the brighter the thing glows at night time, I will try to get a night time picture if my camera is willing.  

It can be viewed in quad mode.

Or viewed as a single camera.

Easy to install - just drill 3/4" hole through side.
Rear driver side camera.

Front passenger side camera.

Front under side camera for when truck is unhooked.

This system has a mouse which makes it very easy to adjust all the cameras and settings. 
If all 4 cameras record, the current time is 342 hours on a 500 HD, 
then it will just start over from the oldest date.

This system can also be connected to the internet and viewed live,
after I get all the wires laid out that might come next.

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