Sunday, July 10, 2011

Still waiting for parts to arrive

       While its boring as hell waiting for parts to arrive, I did get in a little shopping for some more Bling !
Here are some pictures of the goodies that I was able to find mostly at Orchard Supply , also known locally as plain old OSH.

I just love the blue LED on these floor lights

Flood lights with blue LED's, you can see they will do a 
super great job highlighting the glass tiles.

Its a kind of metal foil outlet covering material, like gold foil.

Stainless steel stick on wall tiles, this might become my backsplash ?

Its a little expensive at $20 per sq. ft !!

Nice lights, maybe for the exterior door ?

Assortment of small electric parts.

Assortment of small electric parts.

Liquid electric tape.

The newest marine grade electric connectors, not cheap at $5 a box, 
but might come in handy somewhere ?

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