Saturday, July 23, 2011

Parts are finally arriving

Hey Hey Boys & Girls

OverTheTop finally back

My special order stuff has mostly arrived & my wallet is sightly slimmer, but what wouldn't I do for you guys, to throw in some more bling !!  I'm still way below what it would cost for a good used Airstream  
If there is something you feel that I am leaving out, don't be shy and leave me a link to your favorite goodie you would never leave home without.

The final wallpaper selection.

The supper well packed 36 gallon water tank 

They still can't tell a clear cover from a white one...
even on the second time around... who says you can't get
low quality, slow service & high prices from the Good Old USA !!

If its not too hot and to busy at work this coming week , maybe I can get around to installing some of this stuff.

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