Thursday, May 8, 2014

Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon ?

      Is that a really stupid QUESTION ?      

Well like most folks the answer is most likely YES, who hasn't been to the Grand Canyon and remembered what a magical place it is. BUT I GOTTA TELL YOU - in 3 trips to the Canyon what I saw was about .000001% of what Jamie saw.

       Now Jamie is the ULTIMATE - Grand Canyon hiking & rafting nut, he has hiked over 3,000 miles and has completed his first 225+ mile raft trip down the Colorado river. WOW I gotta say I spent over a whole day reading his blog & looking at his pictures - a thousand or more maybe. This guy describes his trip almost mile by mile, once I got started reading I was hooked "like on crack" to get every bit of his adventure into my brain. The only thing missing "and i'm not complaining" is a super detailed map of each & every rapid showing you the exact - safest path to take..... I bet that will come on his next trip. If I ever win a permit - he will be the first guy i invite to go on my trip.

     I even wrote Jamie a big THANK-YOU for posting all this stuff on the web for FREE ! People if they knew what it was, would stand in line to buy his book for $50. Going with him down the river & all his info sorta makes you feel like - you & him discovered the place and took the first trip ever.

On asking Jamie more details on the Groover I found this information for you.
Its approved to use on most all government lands.

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I also found this & hope that Jamie will add a link to his blog.

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