Wednesday, July 15, 2015

1,750 amp hours of Lithium batteries now installed

Here is the latest addition of a 500 AH lithium battery bank. This brings the total installed up to 1,750 AH . I would say that's another world record, but hold your hat another 600 AH in lithium is coming soon. That will top me out at 2,350 AH .....For those of you who are good at math, that's about 1280 watts for every 100 AH so take 23.5 x 1280 and you get the total wattage available is a smidge over 30,000 watts or 30kw. This project has cost me around $1400 but for those of you who are Lithium experts and require a BMS because you are too daft to read $10 elec read out , there are many companies out there who are happy to SOAK YOU , $5000 to $8000 for their almost exact same system. As the saying goes there is a fool born every second, actually more because in not including those who believe flooded batteries from 1850's are still the best deal on the market.

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  3. I'm envious of your battery setup. Where do you get your lithium battery banks? I'd love to change out my 4D Marine Batts in my trailer.

  4. Please please please tell me where you purchased your lithium battery. I'm ready to go...I got the 23 mini split and 1.8kw of panels just dying to charge a lithium.


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