Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The new trailer Version 2.0 is coming

Ok guys it's official 

The order is now being processed , OTTCT 2.0 is being Factory built ready for PU in April. 
This will be a supper insulated 7x18 - with 3 layers of insulation, nice solid R12+ 100% coverage. 
2000 watts MONSTER 9 panels of SOLAR. & 180,000 btu water heater & solar AC & 800 amp hour batteries. 
80-100 gallon of fresh water. 
Screwless exterior in white of course. 
Tandem torflex 3,500 lbs dexter axels @ ZERO deg & never adjust elec brakes. 
This trailer has wood walls - as metal radiates too much heat & wood insulates better. 
Also the roof Chanel is alum - less or no rust problems. 
Starting weight about 2400 lbs.

Not sure when I will start the build , but it will get done fast as I will be using most parts from OTTCT 

Stay tuned :D :D :D :goodmorning: :goodmorning:  8)

I will be starting with a nice 5,500 mile tround trip for the PU. 

Trailer will be in white , NOT RED 


  1. I found your blog through TNTTT and had some questions but could not find a way to sign up for that site.Do you know how I can register for that site?


  2. I guess you would press the button where peoples picture are
    on the middle right side.

    then enter your google or gmail address and you set to go
    you can always leave comments here on on TNTTT.

    Thanks Jerry


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