Thursday, October 23, 2014

Its just SAD we need to Kill everything

Rare albino deer bagged by 11-year-old

Michigan's Gavin Dingman shoots white animal with crossbow on hunting trip with his father; story generates wide range of emotional feedback

Its just PRUE SAD.... that we teach an 11 year old we need to go OUT AND KILL EVERYTHING. Hunting an animal that is over populated, starving, destroying crops or used for food source is one thing we can maybe argue about, but why do we as humans have a desperate need to the kill the first & last & most rare or beautiful of EVERYTHING on earth ?? Then we need to get on Facebook to BRAG to the whole world about it - so we can latter CRY don't bully the boy when 5 billion people are outraged about his actions. 

albino deer
Gavin Dingman, 11, poses with albino deer; photo via Facebook
An 11-year-old Michigan hunter last week killed a rare albino deer while on a hunting trip with his father.
This week, the story is generating a wide range of emotional feedback on Facebook.
Gavin’s father, Mick Dingman, told Livingston Daily that he and his son had spotted the white deer several times in recent years, and that other hunters had talked about trying to bag the animal.
An admittedly nervous Gavin used a crossbow from 30 yards to harvest the 12-point trophy buck, and the news quickly spread in hunting circles.
“He kind of feels like a rock star right now,” Mick Dingman said. “Everyone is calling, all of the hunting shows and hunting magazines.”
Sentiments being expressed on the WZZM 13 Facebook page , where the albino deer story has been shared more than 4,000 times, are somewhat mixed. (WZZM 13 is a Livingston Daily partner.)
“He should have let it live. There are plenty of others out there,” reads one of hundreds of comments.


  1. Everybody has their 'pet' cause - that is understandable.

    But I did not sign up for this blog to hear about PETA concerns. I found your trailer and the technology you employ to be interesting and as long as the topics stay focused on that, I will remain.

  2. Hi BuleMaple

    Thanks so much for following

    Im not a PETA nut - Im more in the category of hating all really stupid people. So my statement
    was why do people need to kill something so rare, then brag about it on FB & cry like a little baby bitch
    when they get flamed by 90% of the world. Gee who would have guessed that would happen.


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