Monday, July 30, 2012

New under floor 3 speed fan - only 50 watts

       If you can remember a long while ago I installed a whole house attic fan on the underside of the trailer. While I can say that this fan generated a lot of airflow it was also made a hell of a lot of noise. I also noticed that while the fan was operating it was sucking about 300 Watts at 120 volts. That's quiet a lot of power by any measure on a cargo trailer. My new roof ac uses only 515 watts. The reason I had tried this fan, was because I believed and still do that the fantastic fans at $269 are quite a rip off. I think the whole house fan was around $69. Below you will see my newer fan, it is also the same size 14 inch fan. It is rated to be able to move 2000 CFM. If you want to translate to 12 volt - your looking at about 6+ amps, quite low as the 3" a/c blower uses 2.7 amps.

The new fan is very quiet and you can sleep right through the night with the fan running on high if you so desired, very quiet.

Out with the old 

In with the new fan , 3 speed, 2000 CFM
has 3 speed adjustment-
and best only uses 50 watts.
Cost was about $49

Yes I tested it - because seeing is believing for me

This is the box on the larger 18" model that I purchased by accident,
The demo model was 14" but all floor models in the box were 18"
I tested it & it only used about 75 watts @ 4000 CFM

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