Monday, July 30, 2012

Ultimate Hacking Guide for portable AC Part 3

         Well here we go, converting a single hose 7,000 Btu ac into a duel hose ac...the really really hard way. The problem is this monster has 4 intake vents, 1 water drain plug & I do not want to move the unit around more then once or twice per year. Also I do not have the option to purchase a duel hose 12,000 Btu unit as it is 20" wide and will not fit in the current 15" cabinet space, therefore all the trouble I have to endure to make this work come hell or high water.

Now not only do I have the worlds larges solar cargo trailer but I also have the only duel zone - 2 stage air conditioning, 12,000 Btu - this should keep me cool even up to 105 degrees, "inschallah"  translation if God is willing :-)

Worst comes to worst I'll just need 4 more 245 watt solar panels to keep these monsters running. Hopefully you will never have this much trouble making a small conversion.

Here is the unit LG 7,000 Btu - using 820 watt

Here is the unit LG 7,000 Btu - using 820 watt

This is the original planned location for the ac
right under the bed between the cabinets

This is the rear condensate drain pipe & as I do not want to pull
the unit in every other day, I had to find a 1/2" drain connector,
but they don't sell those Grrrrrrrr !!!

To provide air to the unit required a 4" floor vent through the 1"
thick floor.... MAJOR - Pain in the Butt to drill 

Here is my side vent to provide the air as I could not find a baking pan 
to cover all 4 of the rear vents
Here are 3 x 1" foam carved out in the center

Here are 3 x 1" foam carved out in the center

The 3" foam vent installed next to the ac unit
between the cabinets

The side vent installed and sealed inside the cabinet 
inside view with screws and metal tape

The side vent installed and sealed inside the cabinet 
outside view

4" Floor vent 

Floor vent & connector

Floor vent,  connector & hose

Under floor connector

Under floor connector

Rear exhaust single hose & condensate drain pipe
the ( 2 )  1/2" right side wood shims are very important to press
the ac against the left side foam vent & yet still leave room
if the unit ever needs to be removed

Rear exhaust single hose insulation to be installed

The 2 rear vents were blocked off as all air now comes from the left side

condensate drain pipe - into exhaust hose

View from under the trailer

The 4" blower fan - can provide 240 CFM air flow

Here is the final look , hardly noticeable all the hugh hassle 
that I had to install & convert this unit,
some minor trim work is still to be completed

Stay tuned for the testing results, hot weather permitting :-)


  1. Great DIY! I think that what you've done here would make a productive job. It's easier and convenient to use now. I just hope that everything is working properly after the installation; safe for use and will not cause harm to you and to your home. How's this air conditioner now? Still working fine?

    Jim Corrion @C & C Heating & Air Conditioning

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