Saturday, November 2, 2013

Is this the end for the crack house ?

             It's been almost 26 months since code enforcement started on the Nightmare on Elm street. Its been since 2005 when they stole $1,400,000 from the bank and stopped making payments. CRIME really does pay.  I would bet at least $1,000,000 in fees on code enforcement, unpaid property taxes $50,000, unpaid PG&E $13,000, unpaid water $500, police, fire & medical paid by the city to get rid of our crackheads. Last night there were 8 cops - 3 hours to ask them to leave and still only one guy went to jail as he refused. My money says they will be back, for now it's quiet but I don't think the end is here yet, only time will tell.

Well its now 6 months latter June 14th 2014 

In Feb 2014 the bank after 8 years finally foreclosed on the house. So you would think that by now the RATs are gone - given that by Calif law they have another 90 days to get out. Well 120 days have come and gone - it seams like now that the bank owns the house the meter was reset to ZERO.... square one, business is back to normal at the crack house - still no end in sight. Business has gotta be pretty good when you can steal $1.4 million from the bank, pay no property tax over 5 years & still live in the house 9 years latter... GOD bless America 

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  1. Oh, the crackhouses.... We've got one across from where I eat at the HyVee grocery store in Cedar Rapids. I tell everyone it is the Presidential Palace. It's a a big white house with lots of security 24 hours a day... (cop cars and raids all the time). We've got some slumlords that perpetuate the problem... :(


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