Saturday, October 26, 2013

Who remembers the crack house

For those who remember my Neighbors crack house downtown San Jose, here we go again.
In short they stole $1.4 million from the bank for a 2005 refinance,
paid no property taxes for 5+ years, owe over $50,000 in property taxes, Owe electric $13,000 in utilities, turned a duplex into a 2 story 6 plex crack house. completed over 100,000 drug deals there.
Had the city haul away 160 Cu yards  ( 4 Giant dumpsters ) of trash.
Now their front house was condemned because they owe thousands of $$$$ for the City San Jose water bill...

So they are now camping out in their front yard hoping to pay the water bill &
be allowed to return into their crack house


Also I can share with you, that eviction process took 4 cops , 2 city inspectors
& 3 city workers 5 hours to board up their front house
there goes an easy $5,000 in city services.

On top of the $995,000 we already spent on that house in the last 2 years.


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