Sunday, October 6, 2013

Rear bed and storage area is being completed

        Slowly I'm making progress, I still have lots to do at work, therefore work on the trailer is slow. The parts that I have ordered seemed to take forever to arrive. The charge controller took almost 2 weeks to get here. The blue lights are exterior LED computer fans. They will provide ventilation for the trailer. You can see the lower hidden compartment which is closed off, this is where the fans sit behind insulation. The large area below the bed will be mostly for storage, but also include a 40 gallon water tank. One of the 200 amp hour batteries will sit here. The area under the bed is approximately 44 inches wide times 76 inches wide times 33 inches high. If you look closely you can see the three layers of blue foam underneath the oak wood strip across the rear door.

Here is the bay before the bed was installed

The door in the center has 2 of the vent fans

Here is the full wood panel - installed over 1.4" of foam

Open fans on the interior

Fans from the exterior

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