Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Xantrex 60 Charge controller

MADE IN CHINA -$500 and just as crappie as the USA made charge controllers. Here again you need to bend the wires 6 inches and around the corner to get them to line up with their slots. The larger the wire is the more difficult the bending process becomes. What is wrong with making it easy so that the wires can just go straight in and without all this bending. It seems so stupid to me that the idiot engineers who designed these systems actually never once try to install one of them. Then they would see what the problem is. The two lower screws also need a 6 - 8" inch extension and would need to be screwed in at a 45° angle in order to allow proper insertion. What a pain in the ass. There is also a Communication Bay, on the right side which area again is way too small. Finally bending all of these wires in place would interfere with the installation of the final main cover. If I didn't know better I would just assume that they were paid extra to make this job a pain in the ass job. The bottom picture is the charge controller with the first set of wires installed, more wires are yet to come.

Wires must be bent 6" to fit into upper slots

The lower screws require a 45 deg angle to install

The lower screws also require a 6-8" extension to install screws

The center plug cannot be moved right or left ?

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