Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Update to Xantrex Charge controller & Batteries

          Our wiring is progressing, but more is still coming. So far I like the performance of the Xantrex 60 better then the Outback FlexMax 80 - it seams to put out higher volts of 12.9 vs. 12.6 with the same panels. It seams like there is no end to the wiring, this little bit took about 6 hours to install if I recall correctly. All 4 panels are wired to the lower bus bar & each can be quickly disconnected with a plug or all can be disconnected with 3 different breakers / switches. I installed the system this way in case of a lightning storm, all equipment can be separated or quickly disconnected and after the storm anything broken could be left disconnected or changed out quickly if needed.

The bright yellow plug is a Anderson Powerpole plug
The 2 lower bus bars are for the solar panels + & -
the right breaker is bus bar to charge controller 40 amp
the left breaker is 50 amp CC - to the Battery

Here you can see a 255 watt panel - mid October, laying flat at noon
only producing 129 watts, 13.4 volts @ 9.6A
about 52% of what your paying for

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