Friday, September 27, 2013

Ready for new Xantrex 60 amp charge controller & the bed

         Just a quick post as I need to get back to work. The top picture is the breaker & disconnect switch for the charge controller coming soon. Picture 3 is the disconnect for each panel, I'm using Anderson Powerpole connectors. Toward the bottom is another wall cabinet and the bottom picture is where the bed & storage area will go. The bottom also has one finished panel next to a unfinished panel.

This is the Negative & Positive bus bar for my 4 panels

Above the bus bar is the breaker / disconnect for the charge controller
Xantrex 60 amp charge controller is coming 

Each panel has a separate disconnect 

The 2nd wall cabinet & maybe future a/c location
inside the cabinet

Storage area and bed space above the storage area
the small square in the bottom middle 8' x 12" is where the
vent fans are installed & covered.

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