Sunday, September 15, 2013

More progress on Solar trailer today

          Everybody kept complaining it was too hard to get into the trailer so I finally broke down and built a set of wood stairs. I used 2 - 2 x 6" boards and 1- 2 x 8" board, along with $10 box of 3" deck screws, total cost about $35.00. For my next project I installed 3 sheets of 3/8" plywood for the walls and one layer 1/8" oak finish paneling along with 2 cabinets. Below is also a picture of the 180,000 Btu propane water heater. Little by little we we getting there, soon maybe a little test run to the beach.

The new stairs

The inside is getting tighter & tighter

The electric panel / cabinet 

 The water heater installed next to the shower

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