Friday, September 13, 2013

New Blue Sea 80 amp dc breaker

       Below is the picture of the outback 80 charge controller open with the new wires and breaker. Not sure why yet, but while running the ac to cool trailer with the inverter,  the prior 63 amp dc breaker to the battery was shutting off while charge controller was pulling 550-600 watts. This should not have happened until about 800 watts ? below I will give you my RANT - about the Outback 80 Charge controller.

Now I remember why I despise Outback Flex 80 - 

The case was designed by a Moron engineer 

All the friggin holes for the wires are on the far left side 
And all the lugs are on the far right side , if the morans moved the holes 1.5" to 2" right
It would be 10,000 times easier to run the wires. They would all be a straight shot , it's so tight it's impossible to install wire clamps, well at least they put in a plastic ring ? Don't know how they got UL rating - well what do they care ?
The green ground clamp & wire - requires its on level of PIA wire twisting. This also blocks the main - red hot wire.
Overall It's so PIA tight in there - no way you could even fit #2 wire if your life depended on it. 
On top of that there are some 2-3 small "round" red resisters there that you can bend & break off without even knowing. WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU PUT THOSE THERE ???
It's obviously the case that the Moron who designed it - NEVER INSTALLED IT :x :x 

Here is my morning rant :x :x

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  1. The red one are capacitor not resistor you dimwit!


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