Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Trailer AC now running 100% on my roof solar panels

         Here are the pictures to document, the Morningstar 1500 watt inverter is pulling 50 - 54 amps to run the 5,000 Btu AC unit. The picture below is from the charge controller using about 600 watts , this includes a battery float, a 60 watt interior trailer fan and the AC unit. Sorry for the dark pictures but the interior LED lights are not yet connected. It does sound like there is a slightly different pitch from the AC however. It feels great to finally be able steal some money from PG&E, I hope they won't go under loosing my 36 cents per KW. Every so often the blower for the charge controller comes on for about 3 minutes and then shuts off for 20 maybe? So let no one tell you it can't be done, I have done this twice now, first on OTTCT version one with 840 panels & not with OTTCT version 2.0 with 1020 watt panels.

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