Tuesday, September 10, 2013

6 Interior vent fans 120 mm & 70 CFM volume

Below is a sample of the vent fans I will be using, 120 mm computer fans that move about 70 CFM each vs standard 40 CFM. I will be installing at least 6 of these, they will still have 1.5" foam cover when not needed, this will help to keep the trailer sealed when it's too hot or to cold. The fans are a little more expensive but are rated for 100,000 & operate at 85 deg c. Below is the double vent cover on the exterior. They are still however 1/2 the price of a fantastic fan - that so many swear by, cost $120 vs $280.

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  1. Nice work! Where did you get your through the wall vent and cap shown the water heater pics? Thanks dave@flyingtigertransport.com


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