Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The insulation is coming along in the messy workshop

         Here we go 3" thick blue board Dow Corning walls. Then covered with a 3/8" layer plywood and finally a 1/8" layer of oak to give a nice finish look. If I keep working at this pace 3 hours per day, surely in one year I'll get done. The completed walls are now almost 3 3/4" thick - its a lot of fun drilling through them. The wires hanging down all over the place are from the solar panels. Slowly I'm also installing the cabinets - still coming is the water heater & the inverter. I'm doing the insulation first as in the next few days as it should hit 95+ again and I wanna see how well it works.

Left side , 2 layers & no cabinets yet

Right side first layer

left side with cabinets

Right side 2nd layer , no cabinets yet


  1. why not just foam board the top????

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