Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Final Electric Cabinet

        If you recall I already have a cabinet full of wiring, but more is still coming. One of my ideas is to wire the trailer directly so that most all trailer lights will function without the tow vehicle being connected. I'm installing some LED Sound controllers, Wig Wag strobe controllers and a bunch of other goodies including flashing LED lights & security alarms. Let me put it this way, if the security locks and cameras don't scare you, should you still knock on the door trying to break in, you will most likely have dirty drawers as your being chased down the road. Because when all hell x 10 breaks loose, everybody within about 1/2 mile will be looking to see what the is going on over there. Besides the solar panel there is a MPPT charge controller, a duel stage battery charger, a Maginum 1000 watt PSW inverter with 50 amp charger and a butt load of LED lightining. There are also back up lights, exterior flood lights , back up alarms. Keep tuned in to what's coming.

The start of the wiring

A little more wiring

My trailer wiring diagram

The closed cabinet view

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