Friday, March 7, 2014

Progress on the lovable loo project

         Below you can see a little of my progress lately. I learned from the last trailer so this one will be even better. The top large picture has the battery, 5 gallon for liquid waste & 6 gallon container for the wet / dry waste. While the yellow is normally considered for diesel, in my case it will be a reminder for the other yellow liquid. The toilet set up uses peat moss as cover material so there is ZERO smell. Besides I also have a 3" adjustable blower fan that can be turned on for 180 CFM air removal. This time I used a larger toilet seat, the smaller one and the 5 gallon bucket just does not work that well under some adult circumstances. I made a second toilet seat cover just in case a noise person wants to lift up the lid and see what's down there. You can see the large slit from behind there, the blower sucks the air, when you sit down you get a nice cool fresh breeze feeling. As long as you turn the fan on - no matter how much ugly gas you have there will be zero smell inside the trailer. The Magnum 1,000 watt PSW inverter on the rear wall will be used for the AC and to also charge the batteries with up to 50 amps. The outlet switch on the front will operate the ceiling flood light, which by the way is also on a dimmer switch. It is the perfect height when steeping into the trailer to turn the lights on. The outlet will be to operate plug in AC devices or the 5,000 Btu window AC that will be installed above the door way. The final finish material is still coming.

5 gallon for liquid waste & 6 gallon container for the wet / dry waste. 

A second seat cover

The 6 gallon dry container

Flood light next to ceiling cabinet

A/C and wall outlet, dimmer switch for ceiling light.
The final finish material is still coming.

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