Thursday, March 13, 2014

Honda 2000 Generator & extended fuel tank

Well I finally broke down & bought the chepo Honda generator,
Since this is OverTheTop.... I really wanted the Honda 3000 with remote auto start, but at $2300 + tax
and since I would only use it every once in a blue moon

I could not get myself to spend the money :cry: :cry: 

I tested the Honda & so far here is My Bitch about it......
First off the Honda did not have a quick start guide......
AND it was a PIA to find the info fast, while trying it out in the rain & dark
As it was tested at the Factory it was partially 1/4 to 1/2 full with oil ( just leave all the oil )
I needed to buy 1 quart 30W  oil & thats pretty cheap ass for Honda
2nd you need to buy a funnel for the oil ...also cheap ass from Honda
The choke has 3 settings, Choke - RUN & off , not labeled real well.
BUT - I did get a cheapie cover for free
The cap has a ON - OFF gas setting - also bitch to see in the dark

Finally filling the Honda is a Major PIA if using the gas station pump - :thumbdown: :thumbdown: 
you can't see what your doing & will make a mess :thumbdown: 
(must use a plastic tank to fill slowly.)

I filled mine with .975 gallon :D :D 

It ran about 4 hours using 80 amps combined on my 2 Magnum chargers, so thats about 320 AMP hours for .9 gallons of GAS

It ran quiet at around 1000 watts and the eco throttle worked great :beer: :thumbsup:
I was able to close the door and watch TV no problem at all.

You really also wanna get the extended 72 hour run tank.

Honda extended fuel tank here:

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  1. Great reviews on honda 2000 generator ! I am glad that you found it useful for your needs. I admire your efforts that you made for this extended fuel tank. Good job!!


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