Thursday, June 12, 2014

How to install a full size truck tool box

This is SPECIAL POSTING for my # 1 buddy TEXAS- RIVER-RAT

I don't wanna post too much high tech stuff....but this here project I wanted to get TX's professional TEXAS sized opinion 
Now this project came about because "I gotta admit" I got really green shades when I saw Mark519's toolbox & gen set.
Mark519 also has an extended 24" longer tongue then mine :thumbsup: :thumbsup: 
Since I can't weld like Mark519 & he didn't wanna make one for me :cry: :cry: :cry: 
I was getting really desperate :x :x :x 

When I first came up with the idea - a few of you kind CT experts jumped in and said it too big & I will smash the box..... when I turn the corner - NOW YOU KNOW , that just made me MORE prove you WRONG !!!
If the CT's say it can't be done - who am I not to bust my nut to make it happen :beer: :beer: 

             So here it is THE FINAL WORD !!!

The full size tool box fits, also no problem making standard 90 deg turns, with short bed Tundra , no mods needed.Because this is OTTCT I had the bottom of the box cut in by 3" for that little bit of extra spice. and to SLAM it OUT- of - the PARK....
I put the whole thing on slides & locks, it now has clearance till you jackknife .....

So come on brother Texas-River-Rat , batter up - give me another TEXAS SIZE Grand Slam challenge :beer: :beer: :beer:

I'll keep you posted when I get a reply
my money is on that TEX is speachless

Because this is OTTCT I had the bottom of the box 
cut in by 3" for that little bit of extra spice.

Here are my 2 tool box locks

Box slides to the right 

Box slides to the left

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