Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ordered new Frigidaire FRA054XT7 5, 000 BTU

       I just ordered this unit to replace my current 5,000 Btu window AC unit - so one might say WHY ? Well the answer is simple this unit is 10% more efficient EER 10.7 vs a 9.8 , which means it will use about 50 watts less per hour - or produce 150 Btu less heat from the unit. Also it will use about 200 less watts to start on a generator or inverter 1300 vs maybe 1500+ on the old unit, hence a smaller generator / inverter. Also less heat from the inverter, less heat from the charge controller, maybe everything comes to 600-800 btu heat savings per hour. That's a big deal when it's 100 deg F outside. Every stage in the solar transfer process loses energy & produces heat - in this case I'm really coming out 30% better when all sources are counted. This unit also has a low voltage start, auto restart when the power goes off & finally most all window units in the 5,000 Btu range don't have a remote, this unit does - so all in all, it's worth considering the switch. Next month I'll report back how well it works in real life. One more thing, my current unit switches off at 70 deg F -  this unit goes to 60 deg F in cooling. 

Below is the link with more info.

The unit is set to arrive this monday late in the day & I already installed my in the door temp testing set up - picture to follow latter today maybe ?

The unit arrived but seams to have some operational quirks that need to be ironed out, it does not operate properly when used with the inverter, Im guessing some adjustments are still needed ?

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