Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Favorite out of this world Thai Soup

        This is my all time favorite Thai soup, for those of you who have never ever tried Thai cooking you will be in for a real treat. I was after my friend for quite a few years to even get the secrete ingredients, mainly because one bowel of this soup in a Thai restaurant costs $13. That would make this pot worth about $208 if 16 people ordered this in the Thai restaurant. The cost of this pot was approx. $35 it can also be made with large shrimp vs chicken if one prefers.

Before starting we took a quick side trip 
for some Vietnamese BBQ pork sandwiches,
then it was off to Lion Supermarket

We start with large pot 1/2 full 8Q of water
This is Ginger and we used approx. 3 oz

Lemon grass we used 3-4 stalks, cut into 2" strips
and smashed to bring out the flavor

One bundle of Cilantro 

1-2 bundles of long green onions

Special fish sauce 4 - 5 ladles worth is used 

Special fish sauce 4 - 5 ladles worth is used

The instant Tom-Yum Soup mix

The Asians prefer a brown male chicken as they say its larger

This is really the whole chicken, feet , neck & all
It is chopped in smaller chunks and added to the soup

Oyster Mushrooms

Oyster Mushrooms, but your favorite kind can also be used
we used a min of 2 boxes

Here is the chopped ginger & Lemon grass

Red hot peppers & garlic are minced

Secrete required ingredient
10 leaves from Thai Lime tree
with the spines removed

The minced pepers & garlic 

Chop the mushrooms in 1/2 

Chop the onions like this

Add all ingredients in this order

again we start with large pot 1/2 full 8Q water

add 1 tablespoon salt to 8 Q water

add 2 tablespoon Tom-Yum paste to 8 Q water

add chopped garlic & peppers

add Thai leaves & lemon grass

add 5 ladles of lemon or lime juice
add 4-5 ladles of fish sauce

Stir soup and add cut chicken parts,
cook approx. 25- 30 minutes light boil

when chicken is tender add mushrooms

Last add cilantro and cut onions
let stand 3-5 minutes
SOUP is ready to serve

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